Alanna's Story

Take one 12-year-old Mississippi girl with a hungry ear and blues in her veins. Throw in a starter guitar small enough for a baby’s hands and marinate it all in country, rock, blues, and Americana (not to mention a smattering of pop and R & B for good measure). Bake in the hills of Carroll County for 13 years, and what do you have? 

A recipe for an authentic American artist named Alanna Mosley. 

Whether she’s performing a solo show at a bar, fronting a band, or sitting in with her friends, Alanna’s love for the music and respect for the people who make it are evident to her audiences with every note. This is a young lady who loves what she does and loves sharing it with others--and her passion is infectious. 

Alanna’s musical influences are all over the map, a fact evident in both her original music and the covers she chooses, which span the musical spectrum. Whether it’s Johnny Cash or Tonic, Lyle Lovett or Tina Turner, Janis Joplin or Cee-Lo Green (yes, you read that right), Alanna always adds her own vibe, and it’s one completely devoid of pretense. 

“If I think about an artist that really turned my world upside down, it’s Shawn Colvin,” says Alanna. “Then I discovered Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. That old hill country, old time music. That stuff feeds my soul!” 

Alanna also has a special affinity for storytelling, and it shines in covers by fellow Mississippian Bobbie Gentry and one of her major influences, singer-songwriter Brandy Clark. 

For those who lament the lack of authenticity and artistry in today's American music, Alanna Mosley’s voice, guitar playing, and stage presence are a balm. And for those who aren’t familiar with Alanna’s blend of the raw and the raucous, the fun and the funky, the honky-tonk and the soul-laid-bare, just listen for a clear voice and a mean guitar. Take a look at the stage, and if you see a barefoot girl with a big smile on her face, you’re probably in the right place. Grab a cold one, take a seat, and--if you’re lucky--you might just get you a little “choich.”